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Forgotten Felines of Forsyth

Committed to Humanely Reducing the Feral Cat Population of Forsyth County

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How to get Assistance for Feral or Stray Cats in Forsyth County and surrounding areas of North Carolina












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FFF is a small, all-volunteer group operating entirely on donations and we receive many reports of feral cats needing assistance. Our ability to help is governed by these factors, as well as the number of surgeries that local veterinarians are able to allocate to feral cats, so our waiting list may vary from several weeks to several months.

There are several steps to the process.:

    1. The first thing you must do to get on the waiting list is to complete the Feral Cat Reporting Form. Keep a copy for yourself so you can monitor the status of your colony. It will also help you with item 4 below. If you have trouble using the email version, you may download a manual version here, which you can fill out and return to us at the address to the right.
    2. Want to avoid the waiting list? Once we receive your form the fastest way to get help is if you are willing to trap, transport and make a small donation to cover the cost at a participating vet. Click here for details.
    3. We encourage everyone to register their colonies as soon as possible on the Forsyth Feral Cat Database at This database helps us identify areas of the community where there are feral cats populations. Knowing the magnitude of the problem helps us to apply for grants and make a strong case for TNR when we discuss feral cat issues with local authorities. Please register your colony with the name that we provide. Be sure to remember your log-in and password so you can update the info as the cats in your colony are neutered.

There are some other resources available in the area and we urge you to contact all of these for assistance.

Although FFF does not accept cats for placement, if you need help with fostering or adoption of tame cats, please visit our Adoption Guidelines link for information about fostering/adoption through the Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation (AARF). For information about taming feral kittens, click here.

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Together we can make a difference!
                                                                                            All donations to FFF are tax-deductible

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