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Forgotten Felines of Forsyth

Committed to Humanely Reducing the Feral Cat Population of Forsyth County

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What is Trap-Neuter-Return?

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is an effective, internationally recognized program to reduce feral cat colonies, with the eventual elimination of the colony through natural attrition.












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Cats are trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, treated for ear mites and fleas, receive a left ear notch, and are returned to their original location. In a TNR program, a feral cat colony caretaker, who is a volunteer rescue worker, feeds the cats on a daily basis and takes them to a veterinarian if they require medical assistance. The resultant group of cats, including any new cats entering the caretaker’s sphere, is known as a managed feral cat colony.

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What are the Advantages of TNR?

This solution successfully decreases the population, reduces birth rates and improves the overall health of the colony. This humane approach to the feral cat problem is superior to other approaches, such as trap-and-remove or trap-and-euthanize, in several important ways. Because colonies form where food and shelter are available, if cats are simply removed, others will move in to take their place. This is a well-documented occurrence known as the "vacuum-effect". Feral colonies do not readily accept newcomers; however, if a new cat does appear the caretaker can immediately take it for TNR. Thus, in a stable, managed colony, the colony gradually decreases over time. TNR also helps decrease complaints about homeless cats spraying, fighting and mating. Performed on a large scale, the success of such programs is felt at animal shelters where fewer cats are admitted for euthanasia. In addition, because the cats receive a rabies vaccination, community health is improved by reducing the chances of spread of the disease to other animals or humans.

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What is an Ear-Notch or an Ear Tip?

FFF permanently notches or tips the left ear of all cats altered through our program. An ear notch is a small V-shaped notch in the side of the ear. An ear tip is the removal of the tip of the ear. Most people never notice the notch/tip or think it is simply the result of an injury; however, the notched/tipped ear permanently identifies the cat to caretakers and animal control officials as a member of a stable, vaccinated colony.




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